Time traveling for you and your team by Jakub Jurkiewicz

Speaker Jakub Jurkiewicz
Time traveling for you and your team

No, this talk won't be about building time machine, but still it will allow you to travel in time with your team but instead of time machine we will use retrospectives. Rapid Feedback is one of the XP fundamental principles according to Kent Beck and other agile gurus. This is why we have short sprints, daily standups, backlog groomings and sprint retrospectives. Unfortunately, retrospectives are usually neglected as they are at the very end of every sprint, therefore, often there is no time for them and they always look the same (so they are boring and don't provide value). However, we need to remember that sprint retrospectives are crucial for our agile teams and processes. This talk will be about activities which will help you go back in time with your team, find areas of improvement and plan better future.

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