How to build MVP with Walking Skeleton and Story Mapping - case study by Andrzej Winnicki

Speaker Andrzej Winnicki
How to build MVP with Walking Skeleton and Story Mapping - case study

Most of the people know what Minimum Viable Product is, but yet - building one that really suits our needs can be really hard. What kind of features should it contain, how to prioritize them, and finally - how to estimate the time needed to build our product? Moreover, what if: developed product is tightly coupled with large third-party system, has a strict deadline and large number of must-have features? 

In this presentation I would like to address all these questions, based on a case study of one of Allegro Group teams. We had limited resources, short deadline and yet we managed to create the product, we wanted. This presentation will be a story of our journey from a set of limitations and blurry assumptions to real product.

Presentation is dedicated to members of Agile Teams, including Developers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. It can be also helpful to entrepreneurs, startup founders and all people involved in creating great products. At the beginning the audience will get an overview of the problem we had; later on they will learn more about Walking Skeleton and Story Mapping and how we used it in building our MVP. Finally I will say more about the challenges we met, experiences we gathered and tips and tricks we collected. 

Some time ago these concepts were subject of workshops targeted to Product Owners in Allegro - now I would like to share this knowledge with broader audience.

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