What grandparents taught me about agility by Sławomir Bryk

Speaker Sławomir Bryk
What grandparents taught me about agility

It is amazing how situations from our everyday life can remind us of our work in agile environments. In this talk I will tell you about my parents, who were asked to buy a Christmas gift for their grandchildren. We asked them to buy a whiteboard. However, they hanged around in few shops and bought something which was far more than a regular whiteboard (or at least it appeared so).

Their present had a lot of features, which were not really desired (e.g. a chalk board, sponge, sheets of paper, a cup, etc.). What is more, most (if not all) of these features were not working at all. As a result, they've wasted a lot of money, and the grandchildren got a crappy gift.


Behavior of the grandparents is very similar to one that our customers have - they allow themselves to be deceived by poor software companies, which promise them teh deliverance of their product with all the features that the customer can think of - without considering whether a given feature is really useful for the end-users. As a result, the customer wastes a lot of money, and the end-users receive a crappy product.


It is our job - so the job of people from agile community - to teach thecustomers about the benefits of implementing the software in an agile way.

For instance, it is normal that the customer won't be happy with hearing that we don't have the knowledge on how long the development phase will be. But as soon as we explain to them, that they really don't have an idea on how the product should look like (fixed scope is a myth!), they will start to understand.


The more agile-oriented customers we have, the more satisfied end-users and software developers become. And that should be our goal.


This fun talk should take no more than 25 minutes.

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