How Scrum Masters improve the organization @ Allegro by Pawel Rzymkiewicz

Speaker Paweł Rzymkiewicz
How Scrum Masters improve the organization @ Allegro

We all know that Scrum works well on a product development level. There are things however, that reach beyond the development teams. Things such as organizational level challenges and goals, teams’ collaboration and alignment across the organization.

How should we go about solving these challanges? What should we do with individual team learnings so that they don’t go to waste?


Let me share a story of a Scrum team that has been called to raise to this challenge. A team of roughly 30 Scrum Masters who act as developers and solve organizational issues and make sure that the reality is seen as it is at all levels of the organization.


You will hear me talk about the kind of problems we aim to solve, what challenges we found on our way and how we deal with them.


This presentation is dedicated to Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, managers, agile team members and all process improvement junkies that care about moving their organization forward.

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