Staying On Track by Pawel Wrzeszcz

Speaker Paweł Wrzeszcz
Staying On Track

There’s no point in driving faster in the wrong direction.


This talk will help you stay focused on what really matters during the whole the software development process.


I’ve been enjoying doing this for years - killing features that no one is going to use, shortening discussions and brining them back on track, and helping teams with difficult decisions (“Should we refactor this piece?”, “Should we allow deleting users?”, “What to work on next?” ).


My simple technique for staying focused on what really matters is to always have these three questions in mind:

1) What’s the goal? (of this meeting, project, feature, and idea)

2) What’s in it that really matters for us?

3) How will we know when we’ve reached it?


I’ll share examples from planning meetings, team retrospectives and design discussions where these questions really made a difference, together with some tips on how to make asking them your habit.



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