Feedback candies by Krzysztof Czajka

Speaker Krzysztof Czajka
Feedback candies

This talk is a story on how an attempt to create "lean" feedback loop associated by bonus mechanism ended up as self spreading appreciation and candies play game accompanied by an important feedback loop from product owners on the company's performance.

I am going to talk about how an lean-startup-like experiment based on Jurgen Appelo's Merit Money was conducted in Allegro. We will start from initial hypotheses, see what were the obstacles at start, then how it grew and what were the final outcomes of the experiment. Then an interesting insight on how the participants liked it. At the end an attempt to analyse the entire thing and why we were sure it will be successful before it was launched across company.

Oh, I forgot... and you'll find an answer on why we call it Krówki.

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human motivation, appreciation, kudos, merit money, behaviour feedback loop, company performance
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