AgileByExample 2014 Conference

Logo Warsaw, Poland
29 Oct 2014 (till 31 Oct 2014)

First AgileByExample conference was held in 2011. Since then every year has been larger, more content intensive and more spectacular. This fall we will meet in Warsaw again to share and discuss Lean & Agile.

AgileByExample 2014 at a glance

  • fourth edition of an international event
  • focused on organizing and managing work in software developent
  • thanks to ABE13 feedback - the venue will be a cinema again - unbeaten comfort of large screen & comfy seats.
  • keynotes, presentations, discussions and workshops, all in English.

Call for Speakers

We are looking for speakers.

This year we are focusing on our "by example" theme, therefore we are looking for real life cases, adoption reports, etc. We'd like you to share examples of adopting particular practices (pick one and dive into details) or failure examples and reasons (we are all interested in avoiding same mistakes). During your submission you will be asked to say which practice is your talk about.

All "by example" talks in the main track will be 15-20 minutes long.

Also - should you have more than one topic to present do not hestiate and submit them all.

Call for Trainers

We are looking for trainers for the Lean Agile Dojo.

Last year on day three we did a series of half day workshops which were extremely popular. This year we want to make it even better. The workshop should be 3-3.5 hour long and be for 15-30 people.

You can check last year workshops here for reference.


All speakers and trainers will get free ticket for the conference (Dojo is excluded). We are not covering transportation and accommodation.


We are closing Call for Speakers & Trainers on August 31st. The final list of speakers and trainers will be available by the end of September.

Session Submissions

Krzysztof Czajka

Feedback candies

Paweł Wrzeszcz

Staying On Track

Radek Lont


Paweł Feliński

Build Team Right

Grzegorz Gubiński

Storming Retrospective

Marek Kirejczyk

Power of Aligment

Marek Kirejczyk

Agile Game Changers

Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz

Conflicts resolution for geeks