Claudio Perrone

Claudio Perrone, aka Agile Sensei, is a well-known Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist.

Claudio has been playing key roles in Lean & Agile transformations for global organizations as well as for some of the fastest-growing technology startups in the world.

Today, he integrates Lean & Agile product development, Lean Change and Lean Startup to help teams and individuals converge to success.

As an award-winning public speaker, Claudio uses unique storytelling and cartoon-style illustration abilities to share thought-provoking ideas and actionable methods and techniques.

He considers himself an “activist by invention”. His passion is to create strategies and tools to help people develop insanely-good habits of thinking and make a difference in this world.

He is a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society, inventor of the Popcorn Flow thinking model of continuous change experimentation, and the creative force behind A3 Thinker, a formidable set of brainstorming cards and mobile solutions based on Toyota’s Lean management approach.




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