TDD for the rest of us by Gil Zilberfeld

Speaker Gil Zilberfeld
TDD for the rest of us
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Any agile methodology today will tell you that you have to use TDD to support it. But as it’s considered a developer’s job, many people with other roles don't get into it.

Which is a shame.

TDD is a great tool, not just for creating a better design. From my experience, people outside programming that paired with developers came out with a better understanding of development. The communication level between the team members sky rocketed, and of course, quality benefited - both in terms of early success in finding bugs and implementing features correctly.

In this workshop, we'll do some mob programming. We'll write together as a group tests and code for solving a real Star Wars problem. And we'll discuss what we're doing, refine our specs, as well as see what changes in the design tell us.

No need to know how to code. Star Wars knowledge is preferable. The key thing is to understand better what the other side lives. Neither of us is on the Dark Side.


May the Force be with us!


- What is TDD

- Why is important for non-developers to understand

- Write tests as a group, review

- discuss the impact of requirements, design and feedback

User Persona
  • business analyst
  • first-timer
  • product owner
  • manager
  • tester
Constraints and Class Arrangement


Group tables so people can work together.

Session History

While not scheduled, I created this workshop on the spot at Belgium Testing Days 2014. The audience were testers and business analysts.

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