Performance Appraisals are incompatible with Agile Mindset by Luis Goncalves

Speaker Luis Goncalves
Performance Appraisals are incompatible with Agile Mindset
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Have you had blood pressure and heart beat increase with the proximity of the annual performance review rituals? Do you get the chills just before your "performance improvement plan" meeting with your boss? Have you had a poor review because you were not able to perform how you boss wanted, but in reality you could not have done anything different?


Performance Reviews are based on completely wrong assumptions. Companies still think that Performance Reviews are great tools to provide feedback, to set goals and to improve the individuals. All this is pure nonsense and in reality Performance Reviews are a cancer for our companies and they need to be removed.


Companies still think that individual performance can be detached from the rest of the system. We work in highly complex environments where we cannot understand if the performance outcome is influence by the individual or by the system. Even if we could detach individual performance from the system, we as humans cannot rate or evaluate others in a fair way. We are biased, therefore, categorisation, stereotype, gender, sex and age play a huge role in our society therefore we will never be fair raters.


Come to see my talk and you will understand how Performance Reviews are completely incompatible with Agile Mindset and I will explain how Performance Reviews destroy intrinsic motivation and reduce productivity in entire organizations.


I will present several suggestions of activities that your company can start to adopt in order to create fantastic companies with enviable workplace atmosphere. This part will be a collection of best practices from different successful companies that do not use Performance Reviews, together with advises and recommendation from the best specialists.


1. Why it does not make sense to have performance appraisals

2. How performance appraisals destroy companies

3. Better solutions

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