Coaching Techniques for Agile Mindset by Svetlana Mukhina

Speaker Svetlana Mukhina
Coaching Techniques for Agile Mindset
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching
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When I conduct Agile transformation of projects or programs I usually face interesting cases e.g:
- Delivery Manager who cant stop controlling each step of a team;
- Product Owner who is fond of documentation creation, but not direct communication with team members;
- Scrum Master who believes that leadership is a position attribute;
- Team members that are constantly competing with each other;
- Engineers who value only coding, but not testing activities;
- Senior specialists who dont want to waste time on mentoring and knowledge sharing sessions;
- Teams who are doing, but not being Agile;
And dozens of others
There is lots of theory and right words about Agile mindset importance, but there is far less practical advices how to setup it for a team or a person. I dont have a silver bullet, though from my experience I find it helpful to start and continue Agile transformation with one-to-one coaching sessions with team members. I use different techniques that works pretty well on practice and help people to:

- change or shift their ordinary view on the situation
- embrace changes less painfully;
- get more options in their reactions practice conscious communication;
- learn how to appreciate different point of view.

The techniques I will describe on the workshop are:
- easy to use;
- safe to practice on your own and others;
- provide results - change a way of thinking or behaviour;

I did these exercises many times on Agile team members and I always get feedback that it worked, even if the person was very sceptical at first. The main magic of these techniques is to follow the instruction accuratly, all the rest happens by itself.


During the workshop I will discuss in details 3-4 coaching techniques, describe appropriate cases for its usage as well as possible outcomes, provide examples how I used the techniques and how it changed the relations in teams or a persons life at work. Show in 1-2-3 steps how do to these techniques and assist people in groups to practice it on one another.
The learning outcomes will be a possibility to make a shift in a mindset using several coaching techniques for your own or your team members;

User Persona
  • coach
  • practitioner
  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
Constraints and Class Arrangement

max 40 people

open-space with chairs, no tables are necessary, participants should have the space to walk

markers and paper A4


Session History

Conducted it for Luxoft employees (scrum masters, project managers, proxy product owners)

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