Becoming a Jelled Team by Svetlana Mukhina

Speaker Svetlana Mukhina
Becoming a Jelled Team
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching
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It’s great to be at work surrounded by friends, to feel support and openness, to be jelled with team members.

From time to time I conduct team-building games for the teams who I coach on regular basis and despite the simplicity of this activity, I see good results it brings. Team members become more familiar, even if they know each other for several years. I also notice a shift to a more “human” relations in teams when the games are played. The team members start treating each other as partners, the ones that are similar to you and with whom you have something in common.

It can be cool to find out that one of a senior developers e.g. has finished music school or that your way engineer was born in Almaty, the same as you were. You can be surprised to have lots of similarities in believes, approaches, way of thinking and even life line with people who you think you don't have anything in common except the code base. And next time when you start a fight over project process, technical stack, test cases and etc. you can remind that these guys and ladies are not strangers, but someone you can rely on, collaborate, focus on solution and not blame game.

The main idea is to let participants see the value of informal activities in gameful format at work.  We will find out what are jelled teams look like, why it is cool to be one of jelled team members and how to get there.

We will play or learn the games to share our life journey, to see what each of us value at work, how we can do mind reading and communicate without words, how to provide feedback and support people near you.

It will be absolutely unserious  class, we will have lot’s of fun and I will try to encourage the participants to play team-building events on their projects and to bring the same joy and openness to their teams.



  • What are jelled teams
  • Jelled teams vs non-jelled teams. The difference. The benefits.
  • Let's-be-jelled games
User Persona
  • business analyst
  • coach
  • executive
  • developer
  • first-timer
  • IT engineer
  • practitioner
  • product owner
  • manager
  • team lead
  • tester
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Open-space without tables, only chairs are necessary

Session History

Conducted it many times for Luxoft delivery teams

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