Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak

I am a software engineer currently working for Canonical Ltd, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system. My current responsibilites besides typical programming for different system components involve release management of Ubuntu Touch - our phablet platform. Part of the Foundations team I'm also one of the early maintainers of one of our release tools, the CI Train, as well as the co-author of many fixes for different Canonical upstream projects. Interested in operating system design, configuration systems and embedded platform development - in the past involved in Linux kernel programming for wireless networking devices. I am also part of the Vexillium programming team. You can find my full profile on my personal web-page: http://sil2100.vexillium.org/ .

Privately, besides techinical interests, I'm also a long time martial artist leading an iaijutsu dojo in Gliwice (as the dojochou). I'm a beginner wing tsun kung fu practicioner as well.



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