Lean Quality Assurance Training by Tom Gilb Training

Tomgilb-square_400x400-230x230 Kiev, Ukraine
25 Mar 2015

There are many proven methods for ensuring much better qualities, much sooner. But testers cannot be held responsible for deploying them.

This is a CIO, CTO, QAmanager responsibility.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Stakeholder Quality: analysis and specification
  • Quality Quantification
  • Quality by design: how to estimate impact of designs and architectures on requirement levels
  • Quality Decision Tables: a practical tool for managing multiple qualities, costs and strategy options
  • Agile QC
  • Quantified Quality Process Gates
  • Defect Prevention Process
  • Evolutionary Product Quality Development: one step above conventional ‘agile’ in dealing with quality. 

A powerful selection of methods that can help you improve your software qualities dramatically, at low cost, tailored to your development environment - from long experience and first hand practice.

Intended Audience:

Methods and Process Responsible for IT, CTO, CIO Test or QA Managers 



  •  $120

Tom expressed a desire to give all training income for charity to support war victims! Thanks a lot!

Organizers Contacts

Organization SCRUMguides
Contact Person Lina Shishkina
Phone Number +380 50 374 04 38
Email shishkina@scrumguides.com