Nataliya Trenina (@natatara) has 10+ years of experience in the technology field and have played key software development roles from engineer to project manager and consultant.

Since 2009 Nataliya is an Agile Team Coach running and co-owning SCRUMguides company.

Professional Features:

  • Product development background with the main experience in corporate enterprises
  • Certified Team Coach, Certified ScrumMaster
  • Executive partner and Agile coach at the SCRUMguides LLC since 2009
  • Main producer of the Agile Eastern Europe conferences since 2009
  • Author of a series blog posts about collaboration, teamwork and social skills
  • Author of training programs: “Social Skills For Geeks”, “Software Development as The Team Game”

Professional Interests:

  • Erickson Coaching International (www.erickson.edu)
  • Deep Democracy Institute (www.deepdemocracyinstitute.org)
  • Imagine Chicago Network (imaginechicago.org)
  • NASA 4-D Network(www.4-dsystems.com)

Social Portrait:

  • dreamer & entrepreneur, coach, skier, travel abscessed & snow addicted
  • loving people, following the joy, join to the club ;)



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