Volodymyr Trush

Volodymyr’s role as a Business and Agile coach entails improving the performance of teams, departments and companies. His skills and expertise in strategic and organizational analysis, conception and implementation of strategies, establishment of new businesses, management development, just to name a few, has seen him effect tremendous positive changes to the establishments has worked with over the years. Last year alone he contributed immensely to the transformation of big companies including 3 IT companies with over 1500 developers  and 2 other companies in the services industry employing 2000 staff members (one of which is based in Ukraine).

He works directly with company owners and decision makers to help them reach their goals and gain a better understanding of new trends in business and he also works with recruiters to ensure they are recruiting the best expertise to help reach these goals. A reputable “starter”, he is well known for building teams, departments and companies totally from the scratch, not just in IT industry. He has authored of 3 books, one of them the popular “Do not let people to think”, published in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2012.

With an excellent pedigree in software development and project management sphere for over 15 years, he has extensive experience as a developer (Action Script, PHP and Java), as a project/portfolio manager, as a business analyst, as a Scrum Master(Certified CSM and CSP) and has also founded his own IT Company from scratch, which successfully sold in 2014. 

He currently holds a position as an Agile Coach in Docler Holding S.a r.l, the largest IT company in Luxembourg, employing over 1500 employees all around the world with branches in Hungary, Hong Kong and Los Angeles California.

The author of more than 15 special techniques that are widely used for team and project management:  “Push or Self-organize”, “FMC Business Engine” , “SmartBox”, “RetroME” and others but not less important. 





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