Better planning with #NoEstimates by Gil Zilberfeld

Speaker Gil Zilberfeld
Better planning with #NoEstimates
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You have probably heard of #NoEstimates by now. But what does it really stand for? And why does it raise so much opposition?

In this 1-day tutorial, we'll put things in order. Starting with why we want estimates in the first place and how we use them, we'll be moving towards different alternatives to cost estimation as a way to make better decisions.

 We'll talk about value projection, and methods for quantifying value, like Cost of Delay, as a basis for improved planning. We'll talk about complexity and risk analysis. What information we need to start collecting for improved projection. We'll talk about agile planning, in a world full of uncertainty. We'll even talk about the next step mature organizations take - "Beyond Budgeting" - to run their business. And we won't forget to talk about the social aspects - how to "sell" these new methods, and how to tackle questions that usually come up, like: "Shouldn't we just get better at estimating?"

 This workshop is about getting trying out multiple methods that complement each other. We're going to do exercises and see what makes sense in different contexts. We'll get you ready so you can start implementing them when you get back to your office.

 Estimates or not, it's all about making better decisions. Let's start improving


Estimates pros and cons

Planning in uncertainty


Cost of delay

Evaluating complexity and risks

Planning experiments

Constraints and Class Arrangement

Class arrangement: groups of 4-6

Flipchart, projector

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Agile Testing Days 2015

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