Meeting-Free Software Development, in Distributed Teams by Yegor Bugayenko

Speaker Yegor Bugayenko
Meeting-Free Software Development, in Distributed Teams
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We're the first and the only team on the market that is creating software products in remotely distributed teams of freelancers, without using any meetings, chats, phone calls or emails. Our unique lightweight process called XDSD allows us to manage programming activities in micro-tasks of 30 minutes size. This is the next generation of Agile. We're taking programming to the next level, where there are no overtime, frustration, missed deadlines, broken builds, low quality or unhealthy competition between engineers. There are a number of practical examples which will help to demonstrate XDSD in action.


Just a talk with slides and questions from the audience.

I will be talking about a very similar subject at Agilia in Czech Republic:

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