5 unit testing facts I wish I know 7 years ago by Dror Helper

Speaker Dror Helper
5 unit testing facts I wish I know 7 years ago
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Getting started with unit tests should be simple – it’s just a matter of writing code to test other code. If that’s right why so many talented developers fail implementing unit tests in their daily job.

I’ve started using unit tests 8 years ago and failed miserably. It took me 2 years and the right company to start over and learn how to properly use unit tests and TDD as development tools.

But it wasn’t always clear sailing and as I progresses I found more than my share of pitfalls than blind alleys as well as a fair amount of successes.


In this talk I’ll cover the non-trivial facts I learnt over the years about unit testing and the tips that I use to this day.   


I will go over why I fail with unit testing and what I should have done differently

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Was first presented at CodeMotion TLV http://telaviv2015.codemotionworld.com/agenda/ 

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