Unit testing patterns for concurrent code by Dror Helper

Speaker Dror Helper
Unit testing patterns for concurrent code
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Getting started with unit testing is not hard, the only problem is that most programs are more than a simple calculator with two parameters and a return value that is easy to verify.

Writing unit tests for multi-threaded code is harder still.

In this session, Dror will demonstrate useful patterns that he has discovered over the years, and that have helped him to test multi-threaded and asynchronous code and enabled the creation of deterministic, simple and robust unit tests. He will also point out the pitfalls to avoid.


Writing a unit test for code that creates threads or executes asynchronously is a challenging task.

In this session I’ll explain about unit testing smells that occurs when trying to test parallel and synchronous code and how to test such code.

I’ll discuss useful “patterns” I found to and what pitfalls to avoid.

Constraints and Class Arrangement
Session History

Was presented at several conferences:

- NDC London (2014)

- DevWeek (2015)

- ConFoo (2015)

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