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Great ScrumMaster
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Great ScrumMasters are rare. If you have one in your company, you have greater chance to be successful. Regrettably the role of ScrumMaster is underestimated in most of the organizations, but without great ScrumMaster your team will never "shine" or in other words be efficient, high-performing, self-organized, or proactive.

Let's have a look at this role and see how great ScrumMaster works and how he/she helps the company to be more successful. It's not an easy job where for the ScrumMaster it is essential to learn several different concepts concerning team theory, system thinking, and coaching.


As CST and Agile Coach I teach and coach many experienced ScrumMasters how to become Great ScrumMasters and embrace Scrum as life and work philosophy. I recently summarized it all in book “Great ScrumMaster - #ScrumMasterWay” which is going to be published soon.

Based on my own experience as ScrumMaster, Agile coach and trainer I defined several useful concepts which clarify the role of ScrumMaster and lead ScrumMasters in their journey to become Great ScrumMasters.


I explain what the #ScrumMasterWay concept is, and how it applies to ScrumMaster job. I also introduce ScrumMaster State of Mind model and its application to day to day work. All together it builds up the complex understanding of the Great ScrumMaster role



-          What is the ultimate one goal of every ScrumMaster

-          ScrumMaster competences

-          ScrumMaster State of Mind model

-          #ScrumMasterWay concept


-          How to become Great ScrumMaster

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This talk:

-          Opening keynote at Agile Belarus

-          Closing Keynote at Agile Slovenia

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