Tribes by Zuzi

Speaker Zuzana Sochova
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Being a good team isn't easy. Apply the principles at the organizational level is even harder.


Tribal Leadership concept is not very much known in Scrum community but the understanding of the dominant tribe culture in the company would help coaches to choose the right approach in Scrum organizational transformation.

Every organization has tribes. And every tribe has it's rules and believes. Lets walk through them during this workshop and try how it is to be part of every tribe. Through that journey you can better understand how you can help others to move one tribe up and be ready to apply those concepts at your environemnt.


Introduction of the overall concept

We go through five stages and for each

 - talk about how to recognize it in general

 - examples from Agile environment

 - how to help people to move to the next stage

conclusion and final suggestions


It's talk full of practical hints and stories from real Agile transformations in the companies

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