Retrospective Doctor: making Retrospectives better & more fun by François Bachmann

Speaker François Bachmann
Retrospective Doctor: making Retrospectives better & more fun
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Retrospectives are Agile's best kept secret: they can help you transform any team / division / company if applied in a good way (and their usefulness extends way beyond the business world, BTW).

But it's not always easy to introduce and facilitate them, and so I'd like to hold a workshop where we can share our successes, failures and develop ideas how to improve our retrospectives. I will also share some experience on introducing Retrospectives at an Enterprise level.

My role will be to kickstart the discussion and structure it, depending on the number of participants. I will also share some of my learnings and give advice on concrete problems encountered by participants.


1. Quick recall: what is the purpose of the Retrospective and how can it profit your company

2. Gathering questions / expectations from the participants

3. Clustering questions in themes (together)

4. Group work on themes (with my input)

5. Summary


This could also be organised as an "Open Space / Unconference" where participants can bring their questions / problems and decide themselves how to group to work on the themes.


Constraints and Class Arrangement

Needed: wall or pinboard for pinning cards, tables (for group work)

Helful: whiteboard, projector

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