Get yourself a new partner... every day! by Pawel Lipinski

Speaker Pawel Lipinski
Get yourself a new partner... every day!
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Pair-programming is a well known XP practice. But very few people know that pairing for other kinds of work as well is a great practice for creating and maintaining cross-functionality, mutual trust and respect in a team. It's known for producing results of much higher quality than a solitary work. Spending time on different tasks with different people broadens your perspective and makes a real co-ownership not only of the code, but of the whole project to happen.

I'll try to show you how to use pairing at work, since how to have fun and profit of pairing in your private life, you certainly know well ;-)

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Talk. Make fun. Some more talk. Now a joke. Talk, talk, talk. And a шутка for a soft landing.

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