Modern Agile Tutorial: Uncovering Better Ways Of Getting Awesome Results @ AGILEEE Training

Joshua-kerievsky Kiev, Ukraine
07 Apr 2016

Much has changed since the publishing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001.

Pioneers and practitioners of lean and agile methods have examined weaknesses and friction points, experimented with simpler approaches, and produced agile processes that are safer, simpler and far more capital efficient. The result is modern agile. It’s values-driven, non-prescriptive and an easier starting point than antiquated agile processes. Modern agile amplifies the values and practices of organizations that have discovered better ways to get awesome results. Are you still cramming low-quality work in the end of each sprint, struggling with growing technical debt, arguing about “definition of done” or frustrated that “management/product never gives us time to do it right?” In this 1-day tutorial, you will learn to deliver awesome results by

  • experiencing how the four values of modern agile guide decisions,

  • increasing safety in your culture, code and products,

  • identifying friction points and simplifying your process,

  • engage the entire team to continually uncover better ways of working.


Joshua is a globally recognized thought leader in modern agile software development. He is an entrepreneur, author, and programmer who is passionate about excellent software and discovering better, faster and safer ways to produce it.

As the founder and visionary leader of Industrial Logic, Joshua is taking agile processes to the next level with modern agility, the leading edge of agile values and practice. Modern agile practitioners focus on making users awesome, building safety into everything (from culture to codebases and workspaces), experimenting and learning rapidly and delivering value continuously.

Joshua is a sought-after international speaker, author of the best-selling, Jolt Cola-award winning book, Refactoring to Patterns, and a guru-level practitioner of Modern Agile methods. His pioneering work have helped popularize Agile Readiness Assessments, Chartering, Storytest-Driven Development and Iterative Usability, many of which are now standard in Agile enterprise development.

He is an active blogger on forward-thinking, modern software topics with an edge. Joshua lives with his daughters in Berkeley, California.


The rates for the class

*Includes: 1 day of class attendance for one person, materials, meals. *Does not include main conference program (April/8-9).

  • If you are a conference attendee your rate is 350 EUR
  • If you are not attending conference your rate is 450 EUR as regular price 

The venue

ALFAVITO Hotel, 35D Predslavynska str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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Organization SCRUMguides
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