Artem Bykovets

Artem Bykovets - CEO at "StartIT"; CSM, CSPO, CSP, CAL-I by ScrumAlliance, Certified KMP I by LKU. Agile Coach at Levi9. Active speaker on several conferences and independent Agile Coach for several companies.

Artem started his career in IT in 2007 from the position of "content manager", then moved to QA, where has worked on various projects for a few years gaining experience and has grown to the position of QA Lead. After served as ScrumMaster for 3 development teams at BetLab, takes an active part in the transition to SAFe within the company. Starting from 2015 worked as Agile Consultant at Competera and consulting for few other outsourcing and product software companies. Now is an Agile Coach at Levi9 for big enterprise client from Netherlands. 

In addition, almost 3 years engaged in coaching and teach his own course for those wishing to start a career as a  software test engineer. About 300 graduates, around 50% of them were successfully employed. Developing new courses and partnerships directions for StartIT as CEO.

Artem delivers lectures on "Quality of software and software testing" discipline for Faculty of Information Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"




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