Project Management: from Stone Age to DevOps by Antonio COBO

Speaker Antonio COBO
Project Management: from Stone Age to DevOps
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The DevOps movement is gradually changing IT organisations. Project managers are often forgotten, but they also need to change. Are project managers ready for the DevOps change? In this talk we will cover the changes project managers are experiencing, first with Agile and now with DevOps.


- Presentation and background

- Project Management Archaeology: Stone Age

I talk on this part about project management and project delivery before Agile. Explaining the mindset and interactions between team members.

- Project Management Archaeology: Renaissance

On this part Agile arrived to project management and project delivery, changing interactions within the team and making people to educate and learn more about other ways of delivering projects.

-  Project Management in the DevOps Era

The next step after agile, how DevOps is changing mindset and the place / tasks of project managers on this time. 

- Wrapping up

Constraints and Class Arrangement

No constraint, the class can be as usually is for any conference.

Session History

I created this talk for where I submitted another of my talks "Evolving PM: from the Sin to the Virtue", the organiser liked the talk but was struggling to fit the talk on the tracks which were more Developer oriented, so I taylor the talk for it and at the end it changes completely being a new talk.

I have worked in three different countries for different type of companies and I could see different ways of managing projects and the changes needed with structural transformation on those companies, so this talk is based on my experience where I use the paralelism between the history and project delivery.

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