As user, I hate user stories by Matteo Cavucci

Speaker Matteo Cavucci
As user, I hate user stories
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One of the biggest challenges of making things together is actually to communicate to other people what is our idea. Considering that humans are not so good at telepathy, the only tool we have is language. For years, people struggled on collect requirements in big books that no-one wants to read, until we tried in another way: telling stories. But even if the User Story format is something that may sound familiar to many, using it effectively isn’t that easy. This is not about the mantra-formula “as User…”. It’s a common-sense - sometimes opinionated - exploration on how we use user stories during the process of creating digital products. We’re going to see how to use it, how to avoid common pitfalls and how to get the real sense of “user stories”.


- A story about user stories

- what is a user story

- why I hate user stories

- how can we improve and make it better

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