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Awesome Reviews - Foster Collaboration
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Most of the key aspects of the Scrum framework are regularly discussed during Agile conferences. For good reasons. There’s indeed much to say about effective Retrospectives, dos and don’ts of the Sprint Planning or the good practices of backlog refinement. Although the Scrum Framework has been introduced many years ago and organizations use the framework for a long time, we realize that we should continue learning in order to understand the essence of it.


The Sprint Review seems to be an exception. During conferences this event usually gets less attention than for instance the Sprint Retrospectives. Has the Sprint Review become such a routine in most organizations that we don’t need to talk about it anymore? Or do we consider this event as less important, resulting in a shifted focus to other subjects?


To be honest: none of the statements seem to be true. The events of the Scrum framework all have their own specific purposes, but they are equally important to achieve optimal results. There are still many organizations where we see suboptimal interpretations of the Sprint Review. We should not stop learning about Sprint Reviews. It’s about time to put the subject back on the radar!


In this workshop Nienke Alma will explore the subject together with you. Let's come up with a "definition of awesome" for Sprint Reviews and compare this definition with the reality of the Sprint Reviews currently done by your Scrum Teams. How do your Sprint Reviews score? What can you do tomorrow to close the gap?


Don't expect any slides. This interactive workshop will encourage continuous sharing of experiences and a good discussion.






- Short introduction of the added value of Sprint Reviews according to the Scrum Guide (10 mins)


- The audience is split up in several small groups and asked to list the characteristics of an awesome Sprint Review (10 mins)


- The input of the audience is being collected and summarized plenary (10 mins)


- The presenter shares her own definition of awesome for Sprint Reviews, based on her experience as an Agile Coach (10 mins)


- The audience is asked: "to what extent are your current Sprint Reviews "awesome" according to our definition(s)?" (10 mins)


- The presenter shares the room for improvement that she has spotted in her environment (10 mins)


- How to improve tomorrow? The small groups are asked to pick one area for improvement and come up with ideas for improvements in their own environment (10 mins)


- The ideas are shared with the rest of the audience (10 mins)


- The presenter shares the improvements that she tried to introduce in her teams (10 mins)


Constraints and Class Arrangement


Prerequisite knowledge:


This workshop works best for participants who have actual experience with Sprint Reviews as a team member, Product Owner, Scrum Master or Agile Coach, or as a key stakeholder visiting regularly.


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Session History


Presentation history:


This workshop has been presented on the XP Days Benelux 2016. See: The slides published on this site are a summary created after the session, as during the session I don't use slides (a few flips only).



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