AgileHR - Oh no not another fad jumping on the bandwagon! by Rickard Jones

Speaker Rickard Jones
AgileHR - Oh no not another fad jumping on the bandwagon!
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AgileHR sounds like an oxymoron. Another Agile bandwagon jumping fad. Or is it?

Join us for this talk on AgileHR from one of the authors of the AgileHR Manifesto where the questions that will be answered are:

What is AgileHR? Do we really care?

What do the Values and Principles of the AgileHR Manifesto ( actually mean?


What are the key benefits of AgileHR?



How can HR improve organisational Agility?

- Servant Leadership through Coaching

- Environment Enablement

- Continuous Talent Recruitment

- Personal Growth through Inspect and Adapt

- Culture of Continuous Learning and Development

- Self-Assessment through Flexible Goals and Frequent Feedback

Why Teal Organisations and Spiral Dynamics Integral have probably got it wrong and AgileHR will probably out-survive them.

The key take-away from all of this will be how AgileHR can help you progress your organisation and tangibly improve it’s Business Agility.

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