Make Your Bonus System Work for Openness and Trasparency by Kiryl Baranoshnik

Speaker Kiryl Baranoshnik
Make Your Bonus System Work for Openness and Trasparency
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Many have heard that monetary incentives in reality hurt productivity and motivation of knowledge workers much more than they do good. A traditional approach to providing such incentives is when a manager distributes bonuses to his or her subordinates based on own set of metrics at best. More often only the person's subjective opinion is the base for the evaluation. There are known issues with this approach. It is susceptible to bias and lacks transparency. Knowing that, managers have been searching lately for a better way to provide bonuses to employees. Jurgen Appelo in his book #Workout provides an alternative system he calls Merit Money. In this talk Kiryl Baranoshnik is going to demonstrate how he implemented Merit Money in his Scrum team through a thouroughly staged experiment. He will share his findings, the effects the experiment had on the team, and further steps to improve the system even more.

  1. Intro
    1. State the issue: what's wrong with traditional bonus systems?
    2. Brief overview of Merit Money.
  2. Implementing Merit Money
    1. Methodology for adoption of the system.
    2. Overview of the system the way it was implemented.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Feedback from the participants.
    2. Known issues.
    3. Next steps: possible further improvements.
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Requirements: PowerPoint, projector.

The duration is going to be 30 minutes most likely, but may increase to 45 minutes.

Session History

The talk is going to be prepared specifically for the conference. The experiment is still running and there are plans to expand it to more teams, so by the beginning of the conference there might be more data to share.

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