Culture beyond behaviors by Stanislava Potupchik

Speaker Stanislava Potupchik
Culture beyond behaviors
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching

The purpose of the workshop is to share the hands-on experience with agile transformation at Quby (a fast growing company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands) and to work together with attendees to find out how culture is reflected in behaviors. What do we mean by behavior? What behaviors we consider "appropriate" and what is the meaning of "appropriate"? What role does our assumptions play in the process? What do we mean by culture? How can we know what is the culture of the company? How do we facilitate and/or coach the change in culture and behavios on the organisational level? These questions will be addressed in a series of facilitated exercised helping people to put their thoughts in tangible actions and practice some of them to see how it can work on real people around. 


1 block (30 min) - talk about the story at Quby. 

- Quby is a complex company including hardware and software development and services
- Today we can see 4 phases in the agile transformation process: 
a. two software teams implementing scrum
b. the whole development department implementing scrum
c. "chaotic" phase when the teams were changed and non-development departments started understading the influence of agile on their everyday job
b. "back to structure", cultural awareness, transparency
- Tools that we used to get we are now and that we are using now to move forward. 


2 block (90 min) - workshop on "Culture and behaviors". Seriers of exercises based on visual facilitation and serious games principles. The purpose of the workshop is to create trustful environment where people can share their concerns and learn by doing. Structured approach helps participants to organize their thoughts, wishes and fears and get valuable feedback immediately. 

Constraints and Class Arrangement

Number of people: ideally 20, but up to 40 is also possible. 

Class arrangements: 3-6 tables and enough chairs so that people can sit in groups and work together. If there is a choice - I would prefer light chairs so that we can move them around the room. 

Beamer is nice-to-have but not obligatory. 

Well-conditioned room. 

Session History

This workshop will be presented at the Agileee Conference for the first time

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