Plans are nothing, planning is everything by Naama Gafni Lifshitz

Speaker Naama Gafni Lifshitz
Plans are nothing, planning is everything
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"Plans are nothing, planning is everything" said Eisenhower.

I hear many times that agile means no planning. I think that planning is all about communication, and it is up to us to set the system to enable it.



We are 11 teams leading and developing a single product cross multiple delivery channels. As a large organization, which delivers every 2 weeks, it is hard to maintain team focus while making sure we navigate the overall organizational & product priorities while allocate our effort wisely. Therefore, we have developed a quarterly planning process that supports us in doing so. Based on practices borrowed from LeSS and SAFe, the process maintains our agility to respond to change, allows us to focus our planning on a midterm future, follow our product strategy and have detailed enough planning for the teams. In this session I will review the motivation, process and benefits



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