Agile Product Management: even on Mars! by Özmen Adıbelli

Speaker Özmen Adıbelli
Agile Product Management: even on Mars!
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Teams are trying their best to succeed. They plan tirelessly, work hard and try to add beautiful new features continuously. But still, most products can not make their customers happy. What’s missing? How can teams run towards a common goal? Why can’t teams add value for every feature they build? How can teams innovate and still meet their deadlines? How can development teams and users talk same language?

What can we learn from NASA, babies, Uber and Miss Universe 2015 about product management?

Özmen will talk about what makes a product team focused on making people's life better.




  • Babies are born agile
  • Self-organized NASA teams
  • John F. Kennedy's vision for the first step on the moon.
  • How we fail traditionally
  • Successful product management example
  • Uber's magical moment
  • "Climate Portal"@Stockholm prototyping
  • Productivity: "time management"
  • Empathy at Miss universe 2016
  • How sailors before 18th century plan their route
  • Google's CEO harsh announcement 
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Constraints and Class Arrangement

Projector and microphone will be enough.

Session History
  • Presented at Agile Turkey Summit 2016 successfully.
  • Added fresh content to make it up-to-date.
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