How to manage your distributed team and client relationship Training

170 Kiev, Ukraine
05 Oct 2016

1 day workshop, in English

Virtual, but not distant

Design your virtual organization in this practical workshop, so you can start producing results on Monday.
What you will get as a result:

  • Know the success factors for collaborating successfully over physical distances, time zones and cultural boundaries
  • Tools you can apply in your own team/client situation to establish a trusting work relationship
  • Tips on how to deal with conflicts that definitely come up

Many distributed teams ‘go with the flow’, routines are created step by step. Client relationships are managed more in a trial and error manner than in a planned way. Conflicts arise, the vicious circle of promises and not meeting targets, more wrong promises and more frustrations on all sides lead to unnecessary costs and resource consumption. With the right approach, many pitfalls and wrong routines can be avoided.

Based on many years of experience, Hans Gaertner and Hugo Messer have developed a workshop that covers the success factors of remote collaboration. Good practices, tips and food for thought for your own approach are provided.

Download Distributed Team Canvas here



  • How do agile principles and remote teamwork go together? Success factors in the distributed work setting
  • How to organise distributed work effectively? Approaches for team organisation, synchronous and asynchronous work routines
  • What role does trust play? Tools and processes to build a trusting relationship and for conflict resolution
  • How to do it right from the start? Tools for aligning the distributed teams
  • How to deal with cultural differences? Tips for your (most likely) multicultural team

We have a lot of content to cover. Nevertheless, we will focus on the challenges of the participants’ work situations to provide practical solutions that can be applied right away.


Hans Gaertner, Managing Partner at Radical Inclusion Inc., has 20 years of experience as business consultant and coach. He also held senior management positions in different industries (banking, shipbuilding, consulting) and is very familiar with collaboration challenges from both internal and external perspectives. Over the last seven years he has specialised in training and supporting distributed teams that work together virtually. He strongly believes that strategic, intercultural and very hands-on collaboration aspects need to be jointly considered to make distributed collaboration successful.


The rates for the course
*Includes: one day of class attendance for one person, handouts, meals.

  • Early price (till 15th of September) 200 EUR
  • Regular price (from 16th of September) 225 EUR 


 Refund procedure and replacement of members:

  • ticket cost can be returned no later than 2 weeks before the event, at the rate of 70%
  • less than 2 weeks the ticket cost is not returned, you could to substitute your place to another person. For replacement please contact us, inform name and surname of another person. It is also important that the new member (replacement) is registered


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