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Alkaline water is any type of water with a pH level higher than 7, which is the pH of regular tap water. Iodized alkaline water comprises alkaline compounds and dissolved solids, such as salts and metals, and has medicinal and remedial properties. Alkaline Water During Pregnancy, keep you and your baby healthy as all of us know that pregnancy is exciting and, at the same time, scary. Thus one needs to keep themselves healthy and fit. 

Drink Kangen Water During Pregnancy as the blood can become acidic during pregnancy, so drinking alkaline water can assist stabilize the body’s pH level. It restores the alkaline mineral absorbed by the fetus and strengthens the immunity system. 

Alkaline Water in Pregnancy also helps the side effect of pregnancy, such as Indigestion and Heartburn, Decreased Energy and Fatigue, Constipation, and Morning Sickness.