Certified ScrumMaster, Bratislava Training

Scrummaster_logo_seal_sm Bratislava, Slovakia
13 May 2013 (till 14 May 2013)

Join our highly-interactive two-day class from the Agile Eastern Europe leader - Alexey Krivitsky.

Alexey has been mastering Scrum from 2004 as a ScrumMaster, an Agile Coach, and a Certified Scrum Trainer. Now he is a managing partner of SCRUMguides and Agile Eastern Europe Conference.

Get ready for serious and exciting work!

Before the class you get a list of self-preparation materials including videos and articles that help you explore the current state of the Scrum framework. This also helps you start preparing for the online testing (mandatory for being qualified as a Certified ScrumMaster).

The class is designed to integrate people with different level of Scrum exposure and experience. It not only teaches the core concepts. It lets you practice the Agile mindset through a variety of workshops, exercices, and discussions guided by the experienced trainer.

Working in a cozy small group of students you will have a great opportunuty to discuss complex scenarios of Scrum adoption.

This will prepare you for stepping into the ScrumMaster / Agile Leader role in your organization.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to try the famous LEGO Scrum Simulation (translated now to 10+ languages), invented by Alexey back in 2009.

The class also covers advanced topics you can face in real-life projects:

  • Setting up Scrum with Distributed / Offshore / Outsourced teams 
  • Dealing with remote Product Owners 
  • Including subject-matter experts and business analysts by visualizing the requirements pipeline 
  • Integrating QA/testing activities in sprints 
  • Combining Scrum with support and maintenance activities 
  • Using Kanban with Scrum 

You will be exposed to modern thinking tools like Impact Mapping and User Story Mapping for helping your customers and Product Owners elaborate product ideas.

The class will exceed your expectations. It will energize and inspire you for experimenting with processes in order for riching levels of higher productivity, creativity, and fun at work.


900 EURO - early bird, before March/31
1000 EURO - normal price

ScrumDesk partners and customers will get 5% discount

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Organization ScrumDesk
Contact Person Dusan Kocurek
Phone Number +421 919 378 242
Email kocurek.dusan@scrumdesk.com
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