Confeture Administration pays considerable attention to the protection and confidentiality of personal data of their customers and related financial information.

Confeture does not provide information to third persons obtained from the registration form, does not use or sell it to derive benefits or with any other purpose , without the client being informed or without the client’s permission .

When you register , you must provide personal information - name, email address, or link to your social networks account  ( Facebook or VKontakte ) .

The above information is stored in the Confeture system  and should not be distributed . An exception may be the requirements of the relevant government authorities in cases criminal proceedings were taken related to this information.

Credit card data required on the payment page ( type, number , cardholder name , expiration date expiry date ) is processed by a security 3D program, to ensure the confidentiality of customer purchases on our website. All payment transactions are conducted between the bank and your computer via However, we are not liable for such payment transactions .