Keynote - The Essential Transformations: How Agile Calls Forth Change in Everyone от Michael K. Spayd

Докладчик Michael K. Spayd
Keynote - The Essential Transformations: How Agile Calls Forth Change in Everyone
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Implementing Scrum (or Agile) is simple, yet hard. Doing it well requires transformative changes in everyone, from developers to testers to project managers to customers to managers to executives. Most challenging of all are the changes required in our organizations -- the human systems that live between us. In this keynote, Lyssa and Michael will attempt to "channel the voice" of Scrum, calling you forth to your own transformational change -- whatever your role -- challenging you to live the full promise of the Scrum framework.





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Constraints and Class Arrangement

Note: we are unclear whether to subtitle this: How Scrum Calls Forth Change, or How Agile Calls Forth Change - any feedback?

Using Scrum is a bit more powerful in the context of the talk (hearing the voice of Scrum), but Agile may be more appropriately generic. Your feedback on this topic, and whether this sounds like a relavant topic to your audience, would be appreciated.

Arrangements: typical keynote format, plus 2 chairs on stage and 2 mobile microphones, playing a video, so need good quality sound

Session History

Presented similar keynotes at a large (400 person) private conference in China, and at the Shanhai Scrum Gathering, 2012.

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