Your Brain and Better Product Development от Robin Dymond

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Your Brain and Better Product Development
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Recognize these?


Vision, passion, creativity, risk taking, courage, openness, respect, challenge, anxiety, learning, failure, mistakes and more mistakes, practice, persistence, trying again, uncomfortable, ecstatic, excited, joyful, growth, more learning. Let’s do it again.


What happens in your brain, your customer’s brain, and your user’s brains during the process of new Product development? Insights into how we think, how we are motivated, and how we view success directly impact how successful we can be creating new products. Drawing from brain research, systems thinking, motivational research, and Silicon Valley startup case studies, this talk examines how we can improve product development by improving our understanding of the people, the process, our motivations, and those around us.



Video Introduction

A short history of brain science

A short history of Silicon Valley

Great products and great entrepreneurs

The Weird Science of Motivation

A systems perspective of new product development

Understanding what success means

Bringing it all together

What can you change tomorrow?


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