Innovation culture beyond startups от Kuba Marchwicki

Докладчик Kuba Marchwicki
Innovation culture beyond startups
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Incepting an innovation mindset within a bigger organisation is not an easy things. An entrepreneur mindset, obvious in each and every startup, is so unknown in most companies. But it’s not only people, it can be a general culture where EBIT, mature products, sales targets and margins are usually far more important than brightful ideas.

In this talk I’ll try to show how a bigger organisation (300+ people) stives with innovation, how startup accelaration was used in a mother corporation (Europe wide) to spin off certain ideas and how we implemented the same concept locally, in Young Digital Planet. How we combined lean startup approach, with iterative agile delivery, to start evaluating and measuring new ideas. From a very high level overview, to a very tactical details like who participated, how performance was evaluated and based on what metrics.

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