Get agile and don't die trying от Michal Przadka

Докладчик Michał Prządka
Get agile and don't die trying
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I work in Millward Brown where I lead a small internal software house. In 2011, I decided to implement agile practices (mostly focused around scrum and kanban) in the team with no previous exposure to lean/agile. I imagined that this will be simple, quick and instantly gratifying and I was painfully wrong.

In my talk I want to share our exciting journey from the very beginning to where we are now. I will focus on failures rather than successes as I hope they carry much more value. Among other things, I will argue that:

  • You should not implements tools separately
  • You should not experiment without clear rules
  • You should not focus on pessimists
  • You should not be a “scrum nazi”
  • You should not use your process as an excuse
  • You should not underestimate the culture

and most importantly that:

  • You should not be afraid to fail (sometimes :) )



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