Use Cases to User Stories @ AGILEEE Тренинг

Alistair Kiev, Ukraine
02 Oct 2013 (till 03 Oct 2013)

Use Cases to User Stories, 2-days


Dr. Alistair Cockburn, coauthor of the Agile Manifesto, author of Agile Software Development and Writing Effective Use Cases


Beginner and intermediate.

Who Should Attend:

People starting to use or already using agile development with questions about how to gather requirements, and how to fit use cases and user stories together.

Course Goal for Attendees:

  • Understand what is agile and what isn’t agile development; 
  • Understand what a use case looks like, is good for, isn’t good for, how to write them;
  • Understand what a user story looks like, is good for, isn’t good for, how to write them;
  • Learn what “requirements” consist of, to understand what use cases and user stories leave out.
  • Learn how to trim scope selectively with maximum effect for product/project outcome;
  • Learn how to use use-cases and user-stories together to get appropriate benefits from each;
  • Experience Jeff Patton’s “storymapping” as a way to bridge use cases and user stories dynamically.

Course Description:

This course takes the view that use cases and user stories are fundamentally different tools and should used for different purposes. Along the way, the attendee will have to face some surprises, such as what the broad range of “requirements” consists of, how to avoid the word “requirements” altogether, the implications of agile development for steering, cutting, trimming scope to deliver maximum value.

The attendee will learn the shortest, simplest path to writing an effective use case (minus all the subtleties of use cases – this is only a 2-day course, after all), ways to cut use cases into user stories, ways to organize the work requests with the storymapping technique, and ways to trim the work being down to deliver early, often, and to maximize benefit / minimize loss when the deadline makes it impossible to do everything.

The techniques reviewed are valuable in carrying out any kind of project, not only agile ones.

The rates for the class

Includes: two days class attendance for one person, meals

Does not include: main conference program (October/4-5)

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If you are not a conference attendee

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