Karthik Sirasanagandla

Karthik is a software craftsman and Agile evangelist who values continuous observation, experimentation, practice and (un)learning. He has experience in web development on technology platforms like Java, Ruby and .Net.  

Apart from his regular role in development, he has taken significant roles in testing, business analysis, and project management in both the green/brown fields and support/maintenance project areas.

Karthik has been a speaker and participated in numerous panel discussions at Agile conferences and geek-weekends in India and Europe, including RubyConf, Agile Tour, and Agile By Example. He has facilitated code-retreats and dev-camps and he is an avid reader in topics related to people, technology and practices.

Karthik shares his experiences and perspectives through his blogs, http://agile-highway.posterous.com/ and http://kartzontech.blogspot.com/. Some of his code hacks can be found in Github and BitBucket via @karthiks, he is active on twitter @kartzontech and on stackoverflow using handle @kartz.



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