Michał Czyż

Michał Czyż has been working professionally as a web developer since 2007, and from the very begining of his professional career, his choice is Ruby on Rails. In 2010 he became a team leader, guiding his team mates with his experience and helping them to follow the path to improvement. These experiences combined led Michał into thinking, how to optimize the flow of writing documentation and tests for applications and has resulted in several open source solutions, that are used with great success in Selleo, where Michał currently works. Michał was a man behind the Global Day of Code Retreat in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, a successful event that gathered programmers proficient with different languages and from various backgrounds that met to learn and share their experiences. Michał is also one of the core members of SRUG - a local Ruby users group community, where he is known for evangelizing best practices.



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