Experimenting with Visual Management and Kanban Board от Piotr Leszczyński

Докладчик Piotr Leszczyński
Experimenting with Visual Management and Kanban Board

What I love the most in working with Visual Managament and having physical board is experimenting. You can change something very easy, see the results and then adapt it again to your needs. You own the whole process, you can visualize it in a serious way or do something that would be fun for your team. 

Another great aspect about showing everything on the board is transparency. There is no hiding the real state of your project no matter how sad it is. And yes it requires a lot of confidence, trust and it means vulnerability.

After a few years on working with Visual Management in the team I'm part of I have a lot of smaller and bigger tips & tricks I would like to share with you. There where changes we applied and are still happy with them and there were the others which we abandoned after some time. I hope to show you what we learned and to learn a lot from you about improving our Visual Boards.

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