Being agile in a waterfall managed company от Ramona Din

Докладчик Ramona Din
Being agile in a waterfall managed company

I'd like to present the experience our team had when decided to switch from a traditional project management methodology to an agile framework as opposed to the company's management. Although, the management officially agreed with the decision, the team had to organize itself both internally and externally, in a manner to be able to continue working with teams spanned across multiple organization departments (architecture, backend - we had a project, not a whole product, quality assurance - yes, no tester in the team!, operations & customer support, waterfall management). Weren't we agile? At that time, I suspected so myself, although we had a strong collaboration in the team, our own ceremonies, roles, task board and commitments within sprints.

After a year, more and more teams in the company asked to use the same methodology, and the management understood this might be helpful even for the company, not only for people's professional fulfillment.

The case study I come with emphasizes the challenges the team members had to overcome, the process they have put in place, and the results achieved working as an agile team within a larger waterfall project.


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