Agile at - Experience Report от Karol Traczykowski

Докладчик Karol Traczykowski
Agile at - Experience Report
Description started adopting Agile more than two years ago. We have gone a long way since then. We began with asking what the hell scrum is and then adopting it ‘by the book’. Now we understand the principles that underlay Agile and Lean movements and we tailor the way we work for our needs. That makes us able to deliver a lot more value for our users and customers.

How do we deal with having two major specialities on the team ? Why does the size of our ‘iterations’ change every time ? How have our stand-up meetings evolved ? What are the most important parts of our retrospectives ? How do we empower our people ?

I’ll share the lessons we’ve learnt: a lot of useful tips for Agile beginners and some dainties for more advanced agilists.

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