Retrospectives die first от Mateusz Srebrny

Докладчик Mateusz Srebrny
Retrospectives die first

Every agilist repeats the ‘inspect and adapt’ mantra. The continuous improvement is the single most important message we try to promote. The retrospectives generate improvements. They make the team take a couple of hours to reflect on the process.

Sadly, from what I observe, the retrospectives are one of the practices that are the first to be dropped out in the course of agile adoptions. They are perceived to bring little or no value, and to bring more value at the beginning, than after a while.

During this session I will share the examples of improvements inspired by the retrospectives I have participated in. I will show you that no matter how old is the team and how long ago they became Agile - the retrospectives still can bring a lot of value. That they are worth running every couple of weeks during the whole product and team life cycle.
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