(Remote) Pair programming от Thomas Sundberg

Докладчик Thomas Sundberg
(Remote) Pair programming

Programming is often something that is done in solitude. Problem solving is something that often is done in a group. Programming is always about problem solving. It would therefore be natural to do programming in groups. The group must not be too large and there must be at least two persons to make up a reasonable group. A pair turns out as the natural choice.

Some of the benefits with pair programming are

  • Problem solving

  • Continuous reviews

  • Quality

  • Learning

  • Lower project risks

  • Satisfaction

There is also a myth that pair programming is twice as expensive as having one person solve each problem. I will show why this is just a myth and that the actual direct cost has been shown to be 15% higher. I will also follow up and show why the total cost during a computer programs life cycle gets significantly lower with pair programming.

Pair programming is most efficient when the pair sits next to each other. This is not always possible. I will therefore perform a pair programming session with a remote partner to illustrate that it is possible to do pair programming remote.


Pair Programming, Collaboration

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